Why pick the Waterford Telephone Company as your High Speed Internet Service Provider?

No Contracts

No long term contracts or early termination fees (ETF's). We'll work hard to earn your business every day.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We back up our claim of having the best service by offering our customers a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee


Reliable Network

Waterford Telephone Company uses a dedicated line from your local

 telephone company wiring center to your home.

Our network makes us different!

Stay connected! upload, watch, stream and surf on multiple devices

Loudoun County based Customers Service

We live where you do

Blazing Speed

When you need consistently fast speeds to match the pace of your life, Whether you are Uploading pictures, downloading movies and songs—it all happens quickly and smoothly—as it should.

No data cap

Go ahead download as much as want, Waterford Telephone Company does not limited how much data you use